P r o c e s s

A glorious patience surrounds our process of producing ZEA Spirits. We rely on ancient farming practices and sustainable techniques which are not guaranteed each year. After a painstaking planting, growing, and harvest cycle, we then soak the precious kernels in a proprietary blend of life-giving liquid, then patiently wait for germination.

Literally life from the dead.


The Farms

We establish relationships with Small Farms and families in Central Mexico. They specialize in and utilize ancient milpa techniques to care for the soil, preserving heirloom seed lines from the corporate pollution of genetic modification,  ensuring our organic source of Maize.

We then fingerprint our maize using a magnetic resonance technology to guarantee our brand remains elite. This is an unique, technological development in the distillation process capturing a genetic imprint—sort of a biological fingerprint adding inherent reliability, and security to our entire family of spirits.

Sprouting ZEA

Here begins the mystery…our phd scientists have discovered a germination process that allows us to record high levels of healthy polyphenols that have no equal in the spirits market.

This patent-pending process is harnessing truly incredible benefits in our final distillation to produce the finest spirits in the world. Every sip of our smooth, clean-tasting spirits, is a sensory celebration of the rich, authentic flavors from the fields of the Puebla-Tlaxcala valley.

Distilling Liquid Gold

Finally we extract the malt, add the yeast, and distill our spirits multiple times to retain the optimal level of alcohol by volume paired with proprietary finishing touches to preserve ZEA’s unique aroma and taste.