An Ode to Our Maize

blending earthy, sensory experience, and ZEA Spíritu to craft an authentic Mexican memory for the ages.

We start with the finest ingredients for our artisan menu, an authentic venue dripping with local art and character.

You’ll also get to sample our Reserve Spirit ZEA Vodka, sure to be an unique and flavorful soiré into what we seek to demonstrate is the finest liquid in the world!

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Paulo Villagran


Paulo is the Mexican artist behind the transformation of our Reserve Vodka glass bottles into captivating one-of-a-kind art pieces. When you arrive at Casa ZEA you’ll be treated to more of his work, including our extrordinary wall mural graphic as you ascend the Casa ZEA stairs.

Join us at Casa ZEA for a fantastic evening of culture, cuisine and remarkable spirits.